Web hosting

Web hosting is a type of hosting that involves only hosting web-based content on a remote server. Very often web hosting and hosting are used interchangeably, although hosting is a more general term that includes email hosting, FTP hosting, web hosting, and so on.

Web-based content refers to websites, web applications / applications, and sites built using a content management system ( CMS ).

Web hosting features and processes:
  • Web hosting stores the files on your site or web application through the server (physical machine).
  • Web hosting makes your website / application accessible on the web.

When you enter a request to open a page on a site, the browser on the computer / mobile device sends a signal via the URL of the site to the server on which it is stored. The server processes this request, collects and prepares the necessary information for viewing the page and sends it back in response. This can apply to a page of a site, as well as to a web application, a separate file, etc. data that is stored on the web hosting. When receiving a response from the server, the browser displays the content.

Web hosting works with the help of a number of elements, without which the service of data storage and connection would not be possible.

Web hosting elements

The server is the physical equipment on which data is stored. The server is designed to serve sites, applications, data, etc.
Date center
The data center is the physical building that houses multiple servers. The data centers are serviced with a special mode of electricity, cooling, maintenance and security to ensure the normal operation of the servers housed inside them. Data centers provide servers with high-speed, high-speed Internet access.
The server stores and uses a number of software. The control panel allows easy operation of the server without the need for specialized technical knowledge. In the general case when purchasing a hosting service, the cPanel is provided for free use by the user, and the costs for it are borne by the company, as it is a patented and paid software.
Another example of software is the operating system on which the server runs. There are two types of hosting plan according to the platform (basic software) of the server - Linux and Windows (ASP.Net) Linux hosting is more common, and Windows is usually used for more specific needs, as the license for it is more expensive in compared to Linux software.
Web hosting data centers need an internet connection in order for the servers stored in them to function properly. The Internet connection is several times faster than the standard Internet connection offered as a consumer service for home or office. Internet services ensure that millions of requests are made simultaneously, which are sent to servers in the data center.

Technical support is an essential element for the smooth operation of the server. In the event of a problem with stored data or access to it, a technical team is responsible for its rapid identification and effective removal.

The features of web hosting include:

  • Support (technical support).
  • Storage (size of disk space on the server);
  • Scalability (upgrade or ability to switch from one type of hosting to another);
  • Technology (server technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.);
  • Speed ​​(affects the loading speed of sites stored on the server);
  • Bandwidth (the amount of data that can be physically sent over the network from the site to end users over a period of time - usually a month);

Web hosting, which ensures the storage and proper operation of a website / application, is a service offered by hosting companies. The hosting service provides the rental of virtual space - part of the servers of the hosting company, which allows to store / host files and software needed for the normal loading and operation of the site. To facilitate the server management processes, hosting companies provide tools for easy navigation and work in the rented virtual space according to the parameters of the selected hosting plan.

WordPress хостинг

A new type of service created specifically for sites built on the WordPress platform. It is a shared hosting where the files of a huge percentage of WordPress sites are stored. The hosting plan is fully optimized and set up for the installation and operation of WordPress. The service appears to respond in the best possible way through the technical parameters of hosting to the needs of WordPress sites.