Freight Forwarding Intermediary Operations System. Freight Exchange, which functions as a specialized corporate website, provides commercial and professional services for companies in Bulgaria and Europe. The system offers solutions for transport, freight forwarding and commercial companies and by maintaining high confidentiality, facilitates their work and ensures security for both the cargo and the trucks. For further information

MORE ABOUT Transportiko: is a website providing you with an online platform where you are the main participants. We are freight exchange that brings producers, traders, freight forwarders and transport companies together. After registration, you can publish your offers of freights and trucks or browse available offers and collect information about the companies providing the services on offer. Our service enables companies looking for freight haulage or providing available trucks to search and compare among thousands of carriers and types of freights until they find their best freight rate available on the global market. In this way, you can work only with partners chosen by you under the terms and conditions that best fit your needs.


Transportiko Freight Exchange provides the following services:

- Any information on forwarding and other services for commercial and professional purposes, such as ads, offers, inquiries and advertising from/to/for system users;

- General and specific information about international, national and regional laws, rules and regulations, specialized and other information related to services provided by the supplier, users and third parties;

- Processing and collection of information concerning messages during occurred transport and financial events (transaction defaults, etc.) and cooperation in settlement of any disputes.


In order to gain access and use of the WEBSITE it is necessary to have some of the following technical means: a computer with legal software, smartphone, modem and/or other technical means, and internet access.

- Daily access to freight and trucks offers;

- Honesty on our part;

- You can add an unlimited number of users to your company;

- Immediate communication between partners;

- The opportunity to announce payment or transport claims to unfair companies;

- Archiving of published offers so that you can always check whether a freight route or truck was real;

- Traceability of declared cargo and trucks routes;

- Possible quick and easy search by various parameters in the system search engine;

- The companies profile provides detailed information about the company characteristics;

- The administrator reserves the right to suspend access to a company if it considers that the respective company has abused its rights or have brought claims.