Document Authenticator: Software developed in cooperation with other companies: Our main developments are:
  • A construction business management system – software which provides complete business management solutions, assisting companies in the construction industry.
  • A management system for companies with core business operations such as: distribution and supply of mineral and table water – a software product which provides an integrated system of organization and business management, fully consistent with the requirements of the industry.
  • A restaurants management system – software for management, control, analysis of restaurant, pizzeria, pub, tavern. The system is secured and provides data protection, stability, and possibility to work with large volumes of information.
  • A fodder plant management system – this system meets all the resource planning requirements and the manufacturing processes management and analysis. The system is customer friendly, available for purchase, and requires low maintenance costs.
  • A software system for reporting the weights measured by a vehicle digital scale – this system is integrated in a landfill and is software for the management and control of waste delivered by the landfill customers. The system is of guaranteed stability and is capable of processing large amounts of data.
  • A warehousing management system – a web-based warehousing and information management system, which allows the tracking of goods, suppliers, customers, revenues, and costs in an unlimited number of warehouses. The system works through a web browser which allows operation in both LAN and remote work over the Internet.