Documents are being submitted through the internet for the regimes export, transit and import (transit and import are in a development process) thanks to the software system.

The software system has the opportunity to sign documents with an electronic signature, and sending a document to the server of the custom-house. The system gives the opportunity to read the messages that are returned from the customs, which describe the different statuses through which the documents pass through.

The software system offers the following basic opportunities, according to the regime for submitting documents:
1. Creating a declaration for the regime ‘’export’’ – signing the document with an electronic signature, sending the document to the server of the Customs Agency (CA), reading the messages that are returned from the CA, and marking them as read.
2. Creating a declaration for the regime ‘’transit’’ – signing the document with an electronic signature, sending the document to the server of the Customs Agency (CA), reading the messages that are returned from the CA (reading the messages – in a development process).
3. Creating a declaration for the regime ‘’import’’ – (in a development process).


Daily control is being performed for the observance of the schedules, the work time and the presence of the employees/workers, thanks to the software system. The software gives the opportunity for filming/capturing the employee/worker through a web camera at the moment of the beginning or the ending of his work, and storing the images. The system offers the opportunity for the employee/worker to identify himself through a barcode reader.

The software system provides the reporting of the work time, creates different inquiries for presence, calculation of the worked off hours, delays, and overtime work of the employees/workers.

The software system offers the following basic opportunities, according to the level of access:

  • Level of access "Administrator"
1. Creating users with access to the service information for the employees/workers.
2. Initiating the employees/workers – preserving information about the employees/workers, assigning a unique number to an employee/worker (barcode) for the identification of the same in the software system.
3. Bringing out check-ups for periods of work of the employees/workers, for worked off hours of the employees/workers, total worked off time for all of the employees/workers.

  • Level of access "Employee/Worker"
1. Identification of the employee/worker in the software system by initiating the personal barcode through a barcode reader, if there isn’t one available the keyboard is to be used.
2. For the identification of the employee/worker, the software system offers an opportunity for a connection with a web camera. At the moment in when the employee/worker identifies himself in the system he is captured by a web camera, if there is an available one, and the image is added to the data for the registration.
3. In the software system it is necessary for the employee/worker first to mark the beginning of the work day, and after that the end. It is not allowed to mark the beginning of the work day, if the previous one hasn’t been terminated. After 24 hours have passed from the beginning of the work day, the employee/worker can’t terminate his shift alone – for this purpose he has to turn to the administrator of the system.


Thanks to the specialized software system an overall surveillance is performed of the movement of the goods in the separate trade places with a full report for the activity of the company that gives the opportunity for a quick service to clients, places, expeditions, orders, deliveries. An automatic reminder, for upcoming, and overdue assignments and payments. An extremely flexible system for different inquiries, necessary for the company, report by an electronic scale. It creates convenience for the employees, multifunctional, with great efficiency, easy for adopting, learning and servicing.

This is all accomplished thanks to the very well developed system consistent with the requirements, and in compliance with the laws in the country. Documents are issued, inquiries, reports in an electronic type/file by deliveries, availability in the warehouse, obligations for expedition, prices, payments, internet contacts.

An overall management of the trade process, control, accountancy of the company consists by: creating, preserving lists of companies, places, contractors, private individuals /arranges and supplements/ with a level of access. It gives the opportunity for an effective management of the relations with the clients and partners.
1. Creating a common database of the company.
2. Productive catalog.
3. Availability list.
4. List with places and suppliers.
5. List with clients, companies and people.
6. Haulage and report by electronic scales.
7. Wholesale and retail.
8. Obligations for expeditions.
9. Processing of documents.
10. Preserving data for goods and suitability.
11. Follows the movement of the goods in a certain period.
12. Defining warehouses by places.
13. Inquiries about quantities and availability.
14. Full accountancy of the company.
15. Internet correspondence.
16. Creates a sales register.
17. Creates a delivery register.
18. Payments of the service staff.
19. Comfortable and proper issuance of expedition notes.
20. Follows losses for the period.
21. Inquiries for clients, sales, payments and unpaid amounts.
22. Inquiries for average prices for the period
23. Facilitates international contacts by multilingual.
24. Bringing out inquiries for unpaid (due) amounts for the period.

The system is tested, it works, it uses all contemporary methods for communication, it is stable, with comfortable functions for searching for goods, haulage, deliveries by places, expeditions, payments, it gives the opportunity for a bigger efficiency, clearness, accountancy and qualitative servicing of the clients, follows the movement of the document flow, and reminds when there are certain delays.

The uniqueness of VMARKET is in the accuracy and precision for work that gives opportunities in perspective for the companies to open new warehouses, to increase the turnover, to develop, and to service their clients with pleasure.

It is developed on the basis of an internet application that gives the opportunity for distant surveillance and work by contractors, places, orders, warehouses and production.
Document Authenticator: Software developed in cooperation with other companies: Our main developments are:
  • A construction business management system – software which provides complete business management solutions, assisting companies in the construction industry.
  • A management system for companies with core business operations such as: distribution and supply of mineral and table water – a software product which provides an integrated system of organization and business management, fully consistent with the requirements of the industry.
  • A restaurants management system – software for management, control, analysis of restaurant, pizzeria, pub, tavern. The system is secured and provides data protection, stability, and possibility to work with large volumes of information.
  • A fodder plant management system – this system meets all the resource planning requirements and the manufacturing processes management and analysis. The system is customer friendly, available for purchase, and requires low maintenance costs.
  • A software system for reporting the weights measured by a vehicle digital scale – this system is integrated in a landfill and is software for the management and control of waste delivered by the landfill customers. The system is of guaranteed stability and is capable of processing large amounts of data.
  • A warehousing management system – a web-based warehousing and information management system, which allows the tracking of goods, suppliers, customers, revenues, and costs in an unlimited number of warehouses. The system works through a web browser which allows operation in both LAN and remote work over the Internet.