Обратно към новините


19.2.2018 г.

The lawyers registered in the register of NLAB for legal aid I hereby inform you that the Sofia Court has accepted an expertise according to which NLAB works with software system "LEGAL AID", which is copied from the system of “BISOFT” LTD. - "Legal Aid", as a result of which NLAB will probably have to switch to manual processing of the received reports by lawyers registered in the National Register for Legal Aid in a short time. This in turn will lead to a delay in the processing of the Reports and the payments on them. Unpleasant for you, the lawyers, but let's try to think who allowed this?

Sadly, very sadly..., LAWYERS, please take a stand! This is important for the lawyers in the country ..., another hoax with ATTORNEY, registered under the Law on Lawyers ..., and why did you allow it ... Don't you have bodies to think about you, instead of being a servant of the Chairman of the NLAB - lawyer Cherneva-Markova.

I think it should work for you, the lawyers - their funding from the Ministry of Justice is not a reason to hinder your work, is it?