Обратно към новините


17.3.2020 г.

Dear Clients / Citizens,

Due to the situation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the measures taken to deal with the epidemic situation in the country and the state of imposed by the government, in order to prevent the disease and reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies that it switches to remote mode - type "HOME OFFICE".

The software and technical support of the information and computer infrastructures continues in full force.

The physical access and visits are limited or allowed according to the imposed measures, with an announced Decision of the Ministry of Health from 13.03.2020. of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria state of emergency and recommendations of the National Operational Headquarters with order № Р-37 / 26.02.2020. of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We appeal to every citizen to do everything necessary to protect the health of others, loved ones and yourself!

“BISOFT” LTD. is with you as you are with us and together, we will deal with the situation. Do not hesitate to find out about opportunities that can be realized with innovative thinking about your business and business.