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21.7.2020 г.

On 20th July 2020 at “BISOFT” LTD., started production practice for students, from 11th grade of Mathematical High School "Academician Kiril Popov" - Plovdiv, under NP "TRAINING FOR IT CAREER", for the academic year 2019/2020. In this way, “BISOFT” gives young people / students / the opportunity to feel the reality of the software industry, to show the qualities and advantages that really impress a future employer.

The company discovers and builds candidates with good theoretical knowledge, very good command of foreign languages, practical skills in various fields, people who are intelligent, diligent, ambitious and who will be able to contribute innovative ideas in the future. “BISOFT”'s investment is to conduct internships and training programs in order to find talented staff, develop their ability to work in a team, acquire new knowledge in the field of technology in the long run!