Обратно към новините


11.10.2019 г.

"BISOFT" LTD. hereby informs all lawyers and bar associations in the country about the following circumstances that you should take into account in your relations with NLAB and "#DIEWER" LTD.:

1 /. Regarding Software system / software product #dWareOS with installation related to functionality according to the Law on Legal Aid - Lawyer EVENTS - #LEVENTS, "developed" by DEWARE LTD., UIC: 121796200 is a pending court proceeding under the Law on Public Procurement - tender. case № 1719/2019 on the inventory of the Sofia City Court, TO, VI-9 s-v;

2 /. Regarding the Software System, “developed” in implementation of the Contract of 20.07.2017, concluded between the National Legal Aid Bureau / # NLAB / and the Managing Authority of the Operational Program “Good Governance” / OPGD / for the implementation of the project “Strategic Reforms in The National Legal Aid Bureau” under Priority Axis № 3 “Transparent and Effective Judicial System” is pending court proceedings under the Law on Legal Aid. case № 1718/2019 on the inventory of the Sofia City Court, TO, VI-7 s-v against NLAB.

Both systems are for reporting and managing legal aid.

By Order of the court №5200 / 03.10.2019 by tender. case № 1718/2019 on the inventory of the Sofia City Court, TO, VI-7 s-v, security was allowed for the claims brought by “BISOFT” LTD. against the “NATIONAL LEGAL AID BUREAU” by IMPOSING # TEMPORARY # MEASURES: for the use of the software product for reporting the legal aid electronically, which is currently being worked on by the NLAB, provided that the plaintiff pays on the basis of Article 391, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Civil Procedure Code MONEY GUARANTEE in the amount of BGN 36,000. The determined cash guarantee was paid by “BISOFT” LTD. on 11.10.2019.