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31.5.2018 г.

“BISOFT” LTD. implements the so-called "Load Balancing" and "Failover" in the company "Fruit Correct" Ltd. "Load Balancing" is a combination of Internet traffic from two providers in one device. Nowadays the security and the connection to the Internet is extremely great importance so that customers can be served at a high level. For “BISOFT” LTD. this is a priority and we are always on hand to offer high quality technological solutions for any situation.

In the company "Fruit Correct" Ltd. there was a problem with the Internet connection, which led to difficulties in the operation of the systems and, accordingly, the employees.

“BISOFT” proposed a solution to build a sustainable connection by installing Internet from two providers. The first of the providers should have a fully optical internet connection, and the second with directional antennas (Wi-Fi). The whole system is built, in view of this, in case one of the providers drops out - the traffic to pass through the "backup". During the time when both providers are available, the traffic is distributed among them. This increases the speed and increases the stability of the connection.

“BISOFT” Ltd." strives for continuous preparation of quality, sustainable and tested solutions - improvement of quality, using the latest methods and technologies for development, including all requirements for the work of the Contracting Authority.