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3.12.2018 г.

There is a National Legal Aid Bureau at the Ministry of Justice. Its function is, by definition, of general use - the most important is providing in-house lawyers for people who cannot afford paid protection.

This state structure has a head of state salary. The structure of the state administration, which must make contacts and coordinate cases with the bar associations in the country, works with certain software.

With a donation for 10 years, the software company “BISOFT” provides its own product for use. Due to personal or other reasons, the head of the NLAB ceases to use the “BISOFT” product. This happened in 2014. He assigned another company to maintain the system. By the way, the same system, that of “BISOFT”, works with a new up-to-date contract from 2018 in the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Ninety percent of the country's bar associations also work to report cases and payments due to their members for official defenses.

In the NLAB, however, this does not matter. The problem may be personal. We have no comment in this regard. The fact is, however, that the NLAB has won a project to implement a new system. The fact is that the new system uses that of “BISOFT” small upgrade functions. Lawsuits have been pending since 2014. Experts on them admit that the old and the new system are identical. The new one has only a small refinement with new codes and functionality.

However, for the new one, some money is used under the European program, which must be used according to "expediency". The deputies from the Legal Committee of the National Assembly are also familiar with the problem of the theft, directly, so I can call it, of an intellectual product. However, they did not pay much attention due to overcrowding.

FIRST PERSON CASE DETAILS: “BISOFT” OWNER ENG. DIMITAR ANDREEV: “BISOFT” Ltd. was established in 2004. The main area of ​​business is software development, sales of software products DESIGN OF IT SYSTEMS CONSULTING, TRADE IN INCLUDING FOREIGN TRADE, unique software solutions.

With the adoption of the Legal Aid Act / LAA / in 2006 there was a need to develop a software system for the needs of the established "National Legal Aid Bureau" / NLAB / and the Bar Associations in Bulgaria, which system ensured the processing of information on requests received in The Bar Councils and the reporting of the activity performed by the appointed lawyers / official defenders / to the NLAB, as well as building a relationship with each court and court instance.

Thus, in 2009, after failed attempts by the NLAB to create such a system through public procurement, “BISOFT” LTD. undertook to develop a software system "LEGAL AID". The integration took place with the assistance of the then - Chairman of the NLAB - Attorney. Vasya Ilieva, Chairman of the Supreme Bar - Attorney Daniela Dokovska, Attorney at Law Benatov, lawyer Natalia Tsenova and lawyer Emilia Nedeva. The aim was to provide legal aid in the Republic of Bulgaria.

After the development of the system, which was a rather long and difficult process requiring its full compliance with the PPA.

Initially, this system provided for the processing of the reports provided by the official defense attorneys under the Law on Public Procurement and the exchange of information electronically between the NLAB and the Bar Associations in the Republic of Bulgaria. Cherneva-Markova to start the process of integration of the system in all lawyers in the country, thus the NLAB will have an electronic connection with them.

In November 2013, the Minister of Justice issued an order to examine the information and computer systems of all systems in the NLAB in connection with the audit of the Ministry of Justice. This order has been brought to the attention of “BISOFT” LTD. and we provide all the requested information to the Ministry of Justice. As a result, the Ministry of Justice issued a decision on errors in the administration of the NLAB regarding technical support, and this is used as a pretext for future actions by the NLAB to terminate the contract with “BISOFT” LTD.

In 2014, the first integration of a software system in the Bar Association - Varna with all courts in the region was launched. This makes the ideology of “BISOFT” LTD. more and more successful and attractive. As a result, a number of other judicial districts are being integrated, showing financial and human resource savings.

As a manager of “BISOFT” LTD., accompanied by my technical assistant, we responded to the invitation for this meeting, thinking that it will be aimed at discussing the results of the audit and solving problems, if any. My surprise was huge, when instead of looking for constructive solutions, "BISOFT" Ltd. received in the presence of persons with undisclosed identity and position notice of termination of the contract for technical support. At first glance, people who do not work in the field of software systems will say to themselves "What happened?" Well, my answer is that this action puts at risk the security of the information in the system itself, which is the specific case of "“BISOFT”" LTD. - the responsibility for misuse of information, friction of information, etc. The President of NLAB Mrs. Cherneva - Markova does not stop there, but also files complaints. Continuous investigations begin, the whole state machine is harnessed.

Meanwhile, the NLAB allows a third party to the system - a company that literally copies the software system "LEGAL AID" integrated into the NLAB by “BISOFT” LTD. and the work in the NLAB practically continues.

At the moment, a Conclusion of a single computer expertise has been adopted in the case, which proves "copying" of the system of "BISOFT" LTD.

The conclusion of this expertise was challenged by the NLAB and the Ministry of Justice and a hearing of a triple computer expertise was allowed, which has not been prepared at the moment due to numerous recusals of experts. The case will probably be postponed for February or later in 2019.

In search of a way out to protect the system, “BISOFT” LTD. integrates general conditions into the software product, which do not change in any way, nor do they contradict the clauses of the contract for its donation. at the touch of a button to accept the general security conditions and then can continue to work smoothly. However, this was denied by Ms. Cherneva-Markova, as only one person / subsequently fired from the NLAB / ACCEPTED these general conditions and accessed the system in the normal order and type.

* The company supporting the NLAB system has been intentionally deleted. In the next issue of the magazine, we will publish a sequel to the case, possibly with answers from the Ministry of Justice ....