Обратно към новините


27.2.2018 г.

On 21st Februry 2018, Eng. Dimitar Andreev, was a guest on the show "Resonance" hosted by Vasko Mavrikov, EUROCOM TV, with the topic: "Will there be a conviction for theft of intellectual property?"

The copyright of a software / information / system for reporting the legal aid electronically under the PPA is with the author of “BISOFT” LTD., and in this connection, there is a dispute under the Law on Legal Aid before the Sofia Court, Civil Registry, 1-12 pp. gr.d.№11854 / 2015 scheduled for 10th May 2018 with defendants Ministry of Justice and NLAB with the participation of the third person-assistant "DUEAR" Ltd.

At the beginning of 2010, with a contract, “BISOFT” LTD. donated for the use of NLAB its own software system for reporting legal aid electronically. From then until the end of 2014, this software system was upgraded over the years in order to improve it in the service of its users - NLAB and lawyers in a country providing free legal aid under the PPA. At the end of 2014, after repeated attempts to obtain a DECLARATION of CONFIDENTIALITY from the Chairman of the NLAB Elena Cherneva-Markova, in order to protect the software system itself and the refusal of NLAB to sign such a declaration led to the introduction of general conditions that only protect the authorship of the system and in no way change or introduce new clauses in the donation contract. These general conditions had to be confirmed by each employee of NLAB working with the software system by pressing the "ACCEPT" key and to start using the software system.

Instead, on the verbal orders of President Elena Cherneva-Markova, employees stopped using the system!

A single employee Iva Ivanova has confirmed the general conditions, which in practice gives her the right to use the software system / according to the witness Venkov, an employee of "Paraflow Communications" /.

An interesting question is why a state body that disposes of budget funds of the Ministry of Justice refuses to use a DAREN FREE / FREE / software product and instead on its own initiative enters into a contract with DUER Ltd. for the use of a paid software product for reporting legal aid electronically, which product is the only one and the authorship of it belongs to “BISOFT” LTD.? You can watch the video from the show here.