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Server System Upgrade to "STONISOFT" Ltd.


    At the heart of technological evolution and innovation, the HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9 emerges as a leading solution for modern business challenges. With pleasure, we announce the successful delivery and installation of this advanced server computer system at "STONISOFT" Ltd., thereby opening the doors to greater efficiency, security, and innovation.

    The HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9 is among the leading models by HP in the field of server solutions, renowned for its exceptional performance. With the new GEN9 generation, this server system offers more powerful processors, improved memory, and optimized data storage capabilities, making it ideal for modern business needs.

    Security in the online space is a crucial aspect for every company and organization. The HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9 comes with enhanced data protection mechanisms, as well as encryption and authentication options that enhance the security of critical information.

    The delivery and installation of the HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9 were carried out by the experienced professionals at "BISOFT" Ltd., ensuring that the server was installed and configured to the highest standards. This server represents not just a technical solution but an investment in the future of "STONISOFT" Ltd. With the HP PROLIANT DL380 GEN9, they acquire an infrastructure ready to embrace the organization's future innovations, providing a reliable and secure foundation for the digital era.

Renewal of server system for KRAMI Ltd


   On July 19, 2023, a contract was signed between "KRAMI" Ltd. and "BISOFT" Ltd. for the supply and installation of equipment.

   The DELL POWEREDGE T440 server computer system is now prepared to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the accounting firm "KRAMI" Ltd.

   With its new and improved functionalities and greater data processing capacity, the POWEREDGE T440 promises to revolutionize the way information is managed and stored. Equipped with more reliable data protection mechanisms and internet navigation, this server system ensures increased security for the company's important information.

   The delivery and installation of the DELL POWEREDGE T440 Server Computer System were carried out by our team of professional experts, ensuring that the server is installed and configured correctly for optimal performance and usability.

   "BISOFT" Ltd., takes pride in providing high-quality service that contributes to the success of our clients.

Heartfelt thanks to "KRAMI" Ltd. for their trust!

Service "POS Module"


   In the modern society where information technologies play an increasingly significant role, electronic payments have become an integral part of our daily lives.

   The team of software application programmers at BISOFT Ltd. is developing a 'Module for web-based systems for card payments through POS Terminals.' This module serves a crucial function by providing convenience, security, and efficiency in payment processing. It will significantly optimize the process of card payments through POS Terminals.

   At the core of the module is the commitment to ensure a high level of security, achieved through the utilization of encryption systems. This guarantees the protection of user data and financial information from unauthorized access and misuse.

   At this stage, a driver has been developed to communicate through the port with the POS terminal. Software has been created to accept data from various types of applications.

   The data provided to it by the external application includes the payment type, amount, and currency. The software processes the information and sends it to the POS terminal. Subsequently, it returns the result of the payment to the external application.

   With the growing importance of electronic payments, such modules play a pivotal role in the development of the modern economy and the facilitation of our daily transactions.

Renewed ISO Certificates


    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certificate verifies that our organization adheres to an internationally recognized management standard.

    We are proud to inform you that on March 27, 2023, BISOFT Ltd. successfully ACHIEVED the internationally recognized certificates in accordance with the standards:

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System.

ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System.

ISO 20000-1:2018 - Service Management System.

    In this way, the team at BISOFT Ltd. aims to demonstrate to its clients and partners that the company is a well-managed business that is stable and continuously evolving.

   By meeting the standards for certificate renewal, we provide a guarantee of the consistency of quality in the services and products we offer.

Partnership with "Dental Center Dr. Stankov" Ltd.


   Stankov Clinic is the first dental center in the town beneath the hills, founded back in 1991 by Dr. Zhivko Stankov and Dr. Maria Panekova. Stankov Dental Center provides high-quality comprehensive care for its patients. In order to ensure that their work continues to maintain its high standards, we, at "BISOFT" Ltd., also got involved.

   The latest projects we completed on March 25, 2023, helped enhance the technical equipment at the center to match the professional skills of the highly qualified specialists in the clinic.

   The team at "BISOFT" Ltd. also took steps to secure the virtual environment at "Dental Center Dr. Stankov." We provided secure antivirus protection for all the clinics devices.

Successful businesses use Kaspersky


    For those of you who still don't know, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an antivirus program designed to protect users from malicious software. The threat response is at an exceptionally high level. Everything happens in real-time. It blocks hackers' remote access to your computer. Over the past year, Kaspersky products participated in 75 independent tests, winning 57 first-place awards.

    Because Kaspersky is a leader in protection, we at "BISOFT" Ltd. trust them for a secure and safe working environment. We have been working together for years, and since September 2022, we have become GOLD PARTNERS of Kaspersky for Bulgaria.

    This is yet another proof that "BISOFT" Ltd. always relies on its intuition and makes intelligent decisions for your business.

Partnership with "KAM 919" Ltd.


   "KAM - 919" Ltd. is a company specialized in producing packaging made from corrugated cardboard and cardboard with various designs and functionalities. Since its founding in 1991, the company has been serving clients from diverse industries.

    The partnership between "KAM - 919" Ltd. and "BISOFT" Ltd. began in 2015. The latest project undertaken was related to optimizing a software system with the trade name "ERP - KAM 919".

   On March 9, 2023, the most recent ongoing project between "KAM - 919" Ltd. and "BISOFT" Ltd. was concluded, which involved updating the ERP system of "KAM - 919".

    The team at "BISOFT" Ltd. successfully managed to integrate the updated software system that was completed and put into normal operation. The integration of additional software solutions into the "ERP-KAM 919" system is fully aligned with the activities of "KAM - 919" Ltd. and the requirements of their working processes.

We would like to express our gratitude to "KAM - 919" Ltd. for their trust in us!

BISOFT Ltd. developed and implemented a high-risk project


BISOFT Ltd. devised and executed a high-risk project involving the reconfiguration of the network infrastructure, as well as server configuration for its management, at the APPELLATE COURT PLOVDIV.

Coolbox fulfilled its role by rerouting the public network within the comprehensive concept!

Another company trusted the services provided by "BISOFT" Ltd.


We’re proud to announce our new partnership with "N&L Consult" Ltd, engaged in the development and management of funding projects; organizing trainings and events; strategic planning and analysis. 


They trusted our services: Technical support of their e-mails; encryption of incoming and outgoing information flow in the company's e-mails; antivirus protection; spam protection.


Trust us, as "N&L Consult" Ltd did!

The introduction of e-justice is not a one-time act, but a process


The intellectual work and the invested engineering idea from "BISOFT" Ltd led to the creation of electronic management in the National Legal Aid Bureau as part of electronic justice in 2009. Over the years, "BISOFT" Ltd has shown and confirmed that it is a reliable partner in contractual relations with courts, prosecutors and lawyers in the country and will continue to develop innovations in information technology, giving a huge added value to your work!

The results clearly show how "BISOFT" Ltd managed to modernize a state administration, created under the Civil Code, providing electronic transfer of documents and data between systems and creating conditions for quick reporting of legal aid in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as rapid payment of the remuneration of all lawyers entered in the registers under the Legal Aid Act.

Dear lawyers / registered under the Legal Aid Act /, you received your rewards a week after your work was reported / and before that you waited about 6 months/ thanks to the first-time integration with the BNB and the software system "LEGAL ASSISTANCE", an object of author's work and years of serious and diligent work. In 2010, all employees of Bar Councils in the Republic of Bulgaria were trained by "BISOFT" Ltd. for good and synchronous work with the National Legal Aid Bureau. "BISOFT" Ltd. is developing a strategy for the modernization of LEGAL AID in the Republic of Bulgaria at conferences with the Ministry of Justice.

The flowering of the National Legal Aid Bureau was evident until the arrival of Diana Kovacheva as Minister of Justice in 2012 (now Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria) and Elena Cherneva-Markova, as Chairman in 2012 of the National Legal Aid Bureau (now Deputy Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria), who compelled the then President of the National Legal Aid Bureau - Mrs. Vasya Ilieva /currently a lawyer from the Sofia Bar Association / to leave.

Lawyer Vasya Ilieva, "BISOFT" Ltd. thanks you for the reference and high appreciation for what was done during your mandate /2008 – 2012/, as Chairman of the National Legal Aid Bureau.

It was during the reign of Diana Kovacheva as Minister of Justice and Elena Cherneva-Markova as Chairman of the National Legal Aid Bureau (NLAB) that they were allowed by a third party (“DWARE”) to steal this INTELLECTUAL WORK by copying the software system "LEGAL AID" created by "BISOFT" Ltd. Legal proceedings followed, which since 2015 and is currently proceeding before the first instance (Sofia City Court) with minimal prospect of ending for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, several justice ministers have been replaced, as well as the President of the NSP – currently in the face of Natalia Ilieva.

One gets the impression that there is an "organized criminal group" of institutions operating in the e-Justice sector, from which "BISOFT" Ltd, the citizens and lawyers in the country suffer negatives. And all for what purpose?!

No matter how long and difficult the battle of "BISOFT" Ltd for justice is, we will stand up for the right to the end, for the sake of truth!!!



"BISOFT" LTD. is pleased to announce that at the Dental Center "Dr. Stankov" Ltd. in Plovdiv, has achieved the successful construction, installation and commissioning of computer and information infrastructure, as the site is in full working order.

The engineers of BISOFT LTD. showed innovation and practicality in the technological solution, using modern technological solutions to achieve an optimal environment for work in the dental center.

We wish success to Dental Center "Dr. Stankov".



BISOFT LTD. is pleased to express its gratitude for the invitation made by the Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics - Plovdiv, specialty "Applied Programming", for the opportunity to participate in the VI edition of the event "Virtual Career Days" .

This year the event will be held on April 20 from 3:00pm., and they, as an innovative school, offer - online format, using the means of modern technology.

We expect increased interest from students, as our goal is to motivate and keep their attention to the profession being studied.



On 16th February 2021, “BISOFT” LTD. was pleased to present a proposal to all Bar Associations for the integration of the development of "ELECTRONIC POWER OF ATTORNEY", as part of the software system "BARKEEPER" and software system "PORTAL LAWYERS". The development is aimed specifically at the needs of the ELECTION PROCESS in the Bar and a consideration has been created for the requirements of the Law on the Bar and the relevant legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.

This will help for the quick and easy formation of the register under art. 81, para 7 of the ZA for the General Assembly, used by the election commission during the elections in the respective bar association.

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