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BISOFT Ltd. Integrated a Public Defense system software update in the Bar Association of the Plovdiv Lawyers Association, associated with extended functionality and the respective development of more comprehensive coverage, according to the regulation in the Legal Aid Act.


Module / SECTION / PAYMENTS in the LEGAL AID portal is operational as of 17.03.2014.

BISOFT Ltd. duly notified the relevant bar associations about the operations restoration.

BISOFT Ltd. has always had and will continue to have absolutely professional and lawful behavior and respect for its commitments with the NLAB and the RELEVANT BAR ASSOCIATIONS, as agreed.

The unavailability of that module in the period between 28.02.2014 and 16.03.2014 incl. is a fact and is the result of the decision taken and implemented by the NLAB. BISOFT Ltd. duly notified the competent authorities and entities of the consequences.

For further information and assistance, please contact the NLAB or BISOFT Ltd.

BISOFT Ltd. considers that its LEGAL AID software system developed, innovated and supported under the Legal Aid Act is its exclusive, unique and copyright achievement, demonstrating its impeccable reputation and a complex engineering functionality that can be operational only if it is supported by its developer BISOFT Ltd., which fact was proven during the period of time specified above.


Module / SECTION / PAYMENTS in the LEGAL AID portal has not been operational since 28.02.2014. The reason is technical and stands outside BISOFT Ltd. BISOFT Ltd. is not the one to blame for the situation and its behavior is entirely legitimate given the content of the commitments it made in the arrangements with the NLAB.


BISOFT Ltd. developed a new Instances module within the Public Defense software system to ensure the collaboration between the Sofia City Court and the Bar Association of Sofia under the Legal Aid Act, in the part Bar in the Republic of Bulgaria, which module provides full exchange of information electronically and ensures the security of transmission of documents and data between the users of the system, and between the departments.


BISOFT Ltd. developed and installed a module for enhanced functionality within the NLAB software system the NLAB software system, allowing for automatic accounting of obligations to lawyers.


BISOFT Ltd. released a new version of the software product for Public Defense and Legal Aid portal, providing a number of enhancements and facilitating work of both employees and the majority of lawyers registered in the LEGAL AID portal.


BISOFT Ltd. developed a module to the existing PUBLIC DEFENSE system and the LEGAL AID PORTAL through which every lawyer could receive information on when, how, what and under which report remuneration subject to the legal Aid Act had been determined and paid by the NLAB.


In the period 10 – 14.05.2010, BISOFT Ltd. participated at a NATIONAL LEGAL AID BUREAU seminar associated with the technical issues of the implementation and application of the Legal Aid Act, where it met with representatives of all bar associations in the country.


BISOFT Ltd. signed a donation contract for specialized software for the needs of the NATIONAL LEGAL AID BUREAU and comprehensive support of information technology of the National Legal Aid Bureau.


BISOFT Ltd. started cooperation with the Bar Association of Dobrich on specialized Public Defense software under the Legal Aid Act (LAA)  Bar Association – Dobrich.

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