Document Certifier

In order to facilitate the work process and the needs of collaboration between the courts and the bar associations, "BISOFT" Ltd. has developed an operational, innovative, and functioning software system "Document Certifier" - "DC" (DOCATTESTATION), representing specialized software that is unique in its nature.

"Document Certifier" is a system that allows lawyers registered with the respective Bar Association to have electronic access to documents related to their cases after registration in the system.

The "Document Certifier" software system assists and simplifies the procedure for accessing electronic case files by lawyers in the court.

The software system verifies and certifies every action it provides.

On the other hand, the procedural representative accesses documents directly from the system.

Electronic information exchange is carried out through the "Document Certifier" software system (DOCATTESTATION) at the internet address:

The "Document Certifier" software system is operational and functioning successfully in:
Plovdiv Bar Association
Plovdiv Appellate Court / Reference Plovdiv Appellate Court.pdf
Plovdiv District Court / Reference Plovdiv District Court
Karlovo District Court / Reference Karlovo District Court
Asenovgrad District Court / Reference Asenovgrad District Court
Plovdiv Regional Court / Reference Plovdiv Regional Court.pdf
Parvomay District Court / Reference Parvomay District Court